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Endless Paper was originally designed asa visual thinking tool. However, we always knew that we had something special that could potentially have a big impact on the artistic scene. We simply did not anticipate how quickly artists would embrace the app despite the limited feature sets available.

We were amazed that some of these artists went viral in a very short amount of time - this had an enormous impact on social media platforms! We were not only amazed in terms of views and interactions from the public but also by the numerous uplifting and sometimes quite comical public reactions. The thing is, some of these artists got viral and started to have enormous impact on socials, not only in terms of views but perhaps more importantly in the very unique reactions they triggered.

We connected, gathered & incorporated feedback from the artists into a new - private for now - version of the app. This version includes an eyedropper tool, improvements to the image workflow and the ability to do a web export - and we are only just getting started…..!

Tip: Web export (webxp for short) is a feature that lets your audience explore your creation interactively on the web without having to install an app.

We believe that Endless Paper represents a wholenew artistic medium , capable of immersing the viewer never-ending universe! It brings exploration into paintings and new uncharted territories for storytellers.

‘Visual arts’ are very important to us. We have spent many countless sleepless nights down the rabbit hole delving into portfolios like: DeviantArt, Behance, and many more. We are thrilled and thankful to see artists really experimenting with our technology, you can see the selection of artists presented on this page really pushed the limits of the app - quite frankly, they blew our minds with their work.

We can't think of a better way to experience these creations with you, so sit back, explore and enjoy!



Greg is an Artist found between Belfast and London. He works in the realms of commercial art, sports art, visual strategies, placemaking, mental health and well-being. His clients include The National Football League, The Professional Golfers' Association, Newbalance, Jeffers and Sons, Founders Entertainment, Fox Sports, and many more.

He is an advocate for storytelling, collaborating, visual communication, immersive art, and digital and physical arts. His background includes a post-graduate level education in architecture, extensive experience in art direction, architectural visualization and traditional illustrations.

As part of his early-onset mid-life crisis, Greg is hoping to get onboard the social media bandwagon and spread the good word on how important natural creativity is in a world that is slowly succumbing to artificially-generated content.

you can zoom on the web experience you can zoom on the web experience
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the Start

full circle


the bridge

Endless Paper has become an integral storytelling tool that I use regularly to explore ideas. What I love most about it is how natural it feels to draw and then continue drawing into the artwork as you zoom in or out. I'm rarely happy with my own work but I am incredibly proud of the illustrations I have created using Endless Paper. Additionally, the Team have been great collaborators since I took the tool on board, providing regular help when it's been needed.

Pablo Andrés Pozo


Pablo Andrés Pozo is an Ecuadorian Digital Artist who studied in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Inspired by his childhood video games, toys, and adventures in nature, his work blends figurative art and stories , bringing to life surreal worlds at different scales yet connected in the same piece.

The artist’s "Endless Worlds" have captivated audiences worldwide leading to collaborations with brands such as Xbox, Gymshark, and World of Warcraft.

Influenced by Flemish artists Hieronymus Bosch and MC Esher, Pablo Andre's colorful work blurs the boundaries of digital painting, taking the medium to a new level of possibilities. His pieces take us through different emotions and are allegories of the spiritual journey and satire of our modern society.

The artist invites spectators to interact with his pieces, therefore reaching their full purpose: to reconnect people with their inner child and inspire kids to dream and wonder about the world.

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Only the


Endless Paper is simple yet very intuitive. It has all what you need: a brush, an amazing color pallet and an Endless Canvas for your creativity. The fact that it doesn’t use layers makes it great for developing natural painting and composition skills. One of the best art apps ever!



Vaskange is a french illustrator. He likes to create childish colorful universes inspired by video games and animated movies. Originally specialized in comics, then in illustrations, he is now bridging the gap between the two in the form of infinite stories.

Self-taught, he first showcased his artworks in diverse comics and manga conventions, such as Angoulême's comic festival where he won prix du graphisme 2012.

He started to have an online presence in 2017, and quickly gained the attention of influential french youtubers. More recently he had the privilege to be commissioned by the Champion's League, as well as being featured in the 2023 colors festival in Paris.

The artist likes to immerse his spectators in his fantasy worlds and stories, to make them dream and realize that everything is possible in his drawings as well as in real life.

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Deep sea

Deep space

The Ogarno

The Ogarno

Ogarno is a young french artist that grew up and studied in Paris.

He used Endless Paper to create the Infinite Gallery, in which he created stories within stories, added pop-culture references and as many details as his mind provided, expanding his universe throughout rooms and frames.

He pioneered techniques to guide the audience in the vastness of infinite painting, such as the use of concentric color gradients, progressive scaled composition, contrasting level of detail, and clever perspective tricks.

Life imitating art, the artist truly explores his creativity and playfully hides as many details and secrets as possible for the spectator.

you can explore in multiple directions you can explore in multiple directions
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The start

The end

My first


Endless Paper is the perfect sandbox to explore one's creativity. It is a digital creation space as infinite as your imagination, a tool that the greatest artists would have loved to know during their time. You can explore in multiple directions.

Codie Simpson


Codie is a sports illustrator based in Southampton, England. Her work has been used to promote sporting events, game openers and award announcements for names including Sky Sports, England football team, UEFA, CBS, EA Sports and more.

The artist is inspired by the likes of Jean Michel Basquiat who created art you could find something new in every time you looked at it and created fearlessly when words weren’t enough.

As a child who always had pen scribbled over her hands, arms and any surface available, Codie has taken this loose and chaotic approach to showcase the movement of athletes from all kinds of sports. She’s inspired by telling stories in an illustrative manner and encouraging the idea of never losing the child-like freedom to draw anywhere on anything at any time.

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The Start



The End

Ty Tyler


Ty (they/them) is an independent artist from Wirral, Merseyside - currently living in West Wales with their partner and son. They are a keen digital storyteller and they love to create fan-art inspired tributes to TV and film! They’ve been working with Netflix to create recaps of upcoming film and TV which have found great popularity on instagram.

Ty loves to combine a vibrantly colourful graphic art style with an edge of realism to capture recognisable moments from beloved media.

As their masters in history goes slowly to waste, they aim to use their eye for storytelling and keen love of good fiction to put together an interactive, explorable storybook. They have a few ideas, mainly involving dragons and magic! But for now, they just love to immerse themselves and their viewers in nostalgic moments.

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The End

Endless paper has completely changed the game for digital artists. It has allowed a form of free-flowing creativity I have never seen before. The app is completely unique in opening up this new form of storytelling and I’m very excited to see where it goes next. I’m so thankful to the team for providing us with this tool, and for the opportunities it has afforded me to showcase my work!