Become a beta tester

Access new experimental features & help us build the next versions of Endless Paper app

endless paper logo Get the beta version

To request Endless Paper beta version, follow these instructions:

  1. Download TestFlight on your iPad;
  2. Tap on "Experimental Features" button accessible from Endless Paper app (in the settings popover, in the 'info' section);
  3. tap on the 'experimental features' button in Endless Paper
  4. Enter your email in the email address field;
  5. Tap on Request.

You should then receive an email from Apple with a TestFlight invite to download the beta version. This invite will suffice, you won't need any redeem code. This process might take a few days.

What is Endless Paper Beta?

The beta version of Endless Paper is an updated experimental version of our app, available for testing before its commercial release. Our beta version contains a series of selected new features made for artists, which you can have access to by entering your email address in the email input field above.
By downloading the beta version, you become an Endless Paper beta tester, helping us upgrade our future beta releases, and eventually the public version of the app.

When downloading the beta version, you can safely discard this message by tapping on "install"

You already have this app installed.
All the data saved in your Endless Paper app won't be changed at all! The beta version will only add experimental features to your current public version of Endless Paper.

What's new?

  • Bookmark folder

    You can now organise your bookmarks by folders.
    Nested folders are supported

    the bookmark menu with a folder classification system
  • Bullets

    Inspired by bullets journal, you can now activate a grid like patern: It can help you organize your space, the grid system allows your handwriting to become more consistent and aligned.
    The ruler tool can also snap to your bullets point. convienient when you want to drawing straight tables.
    For better visibility, your bullets change color according to the background.
    You can activate or desactivate your bullets on the options window.

  • Multi-file

    Multiple canvas.
    With this new feature you can now quickly change canvas from the bookmark tab.
    You have a canvas folder containing differents canvases.
    This way you don't have to import a new archive to change canvas and you can access quickly to your differnet canvas.

    the bookmark menu with the multiples canvas accessibles

    You can also choose the canvas you want to export has an archive.

    the export archive pop-over with multiple canvases selected

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Keep in mind that the additional features are still under development. If you have any suggestions for improvements, please email us at