Endless Paper

The infinite canvas to grow ideas


Whiteboard 2.0

Endless Paper is an app for tablets which let you draw & write on an infinite surface. It brings the versatility & familiarity of traditional media like pen & paper but without the physical constraints. The app is the ultimate whiteboard where you can explore new ideas, brainstorm with your team, or visually think through a problem. It lets you take handwritten notes and organise your thoughts spatially. Connected to a projector, the app let you deliver captivating presentations or lectures.

Handwritten notes

Start writing, we take care of the rest. Endless Paper automatically save your progress in the background. You will never have to manage files or documents. Endless Paper is ready when you are. You don't have to create a new document, to choose a document size, to decide beforehand where to store it. Endless Paper is much more malleable. The app leverage the fact that the iPad is ideally suited for 2D space navigation. Simply pinch to zoom and pan around to navigate efficiently and start writing. Instead of relying on documents & files, you organise your content spatially. This not only provide great consistency to the experience, it also mirror the way your brain works. Think about it. From your office to your kitchen, most things around you are organised spatially. In Endless Paper, there is no artificial separation between editing and document management. Everything just works the same way at every scale and level.

Worth a thousand words

Import images directly onto your canvas.
Make your notes come alive. Illustrate. Collect ideas. Take pictures and pin them.
Import study material, stickies, or that paper template you rely on.
Endless Paper supports drag & drop from Photos, Files, Safari...just about any app really.
And to make it even more convienient when looking for inspiration, we added custom support for drag & drop right from the result page of Google Images.

Deceptively simple, incredibly powerful

We deliberatly designed Endless Paper interactions to be as simple as possible in order to minimize errors & cognitive load. Have you ever tried to use a complicated piece of software in an important meeting ? Simplicity means you can devote your entire attention to the task at hand. It means your collegues or students won't make avoidable errors when you pass over your tablet. It means you won't be disctracted when you really need to focus. Endless Paper works the way you would expect. Chances are you probably already know how to use it.